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Category: Head First

Bookedy Shoop
If you take a look at the Subconscious Comics page on the site this week, you’ll see that I’ve posted another peek at the innards of Head First, my graphic novel. Just another day in the Subconscious.

That picture is a detail from page 73, which is where things take a turn for the bizarre in the story. The truly bizarre, that is. The subconscious (at least my version of it) is pretty strange already, but this tale goes some places the comic strip never did. I can’t wait for people to see it.

I’ve almost finished with the inking and coloring, and now I’m headed into the most mysterious part of the journey. Telling stories with words and pictures is something I know how to do; launching a crowd-funding page on Kickstarter is uncharted territory for me.

But I’m moving forward…one step at a time. My face will be there when we launch, immortalized on video, and so will my characters’. They’re the stars of this production, after all. Plus, I’ve known them for forty years now, and I’m pretty sure I can trust them. For the most part. Usually.

I don’t have a launch date yet, not even a ballpark estimate. But it is definitely closer than it ever has been. I promise that you will be the first to know. Stay tuned.
The Book Again
I posted another clip from Head First on the Subconscious Comics page of this week. Head First is the comic novel I’ve been working on for a while now. What with the pandemic, I have lost track of exactly how long it’s been, but I can now see the finish line.The plot’s been in my head for over twenty years, and finally the writing and drawing and coloring have almost caught up to the vision.

One thing I hadn’t imagined is how color would play out in the book. When I was drawing those thousand-or-so comic strip versions of Subconscious Comics in the 80s and 90s, they were conceived and executed strictly in black and white. After twenty years, I had a pretty good handle on the line and the inking style of Subcon. But only now (roughly 90% done with the inking and coloring of the book) has the full palette of the subconscious revealed itself. I hope you like purple.

I certainly do. It’s a potent hue, but of the six basic primary and secondary stations on the color wheel, it is the darkest and the least in-your-face. That makes it a perfect color for shadows, and there are plenty of those in the subconscious. And since the story will take us deep into the Dark Side, purple and some of its earthier cousins become quite prominent toward the end.

I still have some art — including more color choices — ahead of me. There is the cover, of course, and some special interior pages, and my Kickstarter page (along with the “rewards” my donors will receive besides the book itself). That amounts to a lot still to be done, but the end is in clear sight.

I have mixed feelings about that. The book has been challenging and fun at a time when I needed something like that to work on. It’s been like a pleasant place to vacation in the middle of worldwide bummer. Even though I’m anxious to finish, I will miss having the refuge that the project has provided.

But life goes on, and so does the project. More later.
The Book, the Book, the Book
I just uploaded another clipping from Head First, the Subconscious Comics-based graphic novel that is moving relentlessly toward completion. It’s on the Subcon page this week instead of one of the old strips. I don’t dare declare a date for publication yet, but I will say that I am, oh, 80% of the way there.

The end of the actual inking and coloring portion of the project is even closer, but I still have to conceptualize the cover, the dust jacket, and some big interior graphics. And then there’s the Kickstarter campaign, which is a whole different ball of strange wax. I will be giving you plenty of notice for the big send-off.

To the interest of somebody, I am sure, I have officially opened up a new category of Eaganblog: “Head First." That’s the title of the book. In case you’ve never noticed, the Categories section of the blog is there on the left of this page. This blog is in the new section, and there will be more to come as I near the finish line.

Meanwhile, the republication of vintage Subcons will continue. I have been posting them in reverse order on, and we are nearing the very first episode, which appeared in 1981. That’s number 1 of 1000 (give or take) comic strips. I have been seeing the de-evolution of my drawing style and characters as we go backward in time.

And speaking of characters, it has been an unexpected pleasure catching up with The Boss, Nemo, and Ava over the last year or two. They had been a big part of my internal world when I was cranking out a new Subconscious Comics strip every week for twenty years.
Head First
As I mentioned last May in this space, I am working on a novel. To be more precise, it is a graphic novel. To be even more precise, it is a comic novel.

I’m not sure that a comic novel is even a thing, not up until now, anyway. It may be a bit of a conceit to invent a category of art and then make your brainchild the only entry in it. I’m sorry; I just can’t help myself.

Head First is based on my comic strip, Subconscious Comics. It has been the most challenging and satisfying work I have ever done. I’m now about two-thirds of the way through the art portion of the project. The script was done long ago, but it will undergo fine-tuning right up until the last brushstroke has dried. I will still have the cover and dust jacket designs to make after that, and then the Kickstarter campaign, the printing, and the distribution out into the world.

But right now, I am in the most enjoyable portion of this journey — blue lining, lettering, inking, coloring, and watching my story unfold. I decided to post a chunk of the first page this week on the Subconscious Comics page of The internet renders it a little fuzzier than an actual page from from the book will be, but I just wanted to give you an idea what it’s like. For me, the word has been “fun".

The old black and white Subcons will return next week, continuing the march backward in time from 2000 to 1981. I’ve just finished with 1983, so next week there will be an episode from 1982 on that page. There will be more previews from the book, but with any luck, by the time I post that very first episode of the strip, the book, 100 pages of full-color, hard-cover comic novel, will be out in the world. Stay tuned.
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