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Category: Poems

Think About It
Think about thinking
Why does it malfunction?
We claim it’s important
So where’s our compunction?

It’s not about smarts
‘Cause some dumbers do it
It’s not about knowledge
Ignorami can too it!

Some brainiacs, oddly
Appear to poo-poo it
Ditto the scholars
Who seem to eschew it

So what is the secret?
What makes a thinker?
And how is he diff from
A grape kool-aid drinker?

It’s all about truth
And the gumption to face it
To eye your assumption
And dare to erase it

At least that’s my theory
But what do I know?
I still have some places
I won’t let reason go
Dream Season
Two out two men on
Fielders back against the wall
The crack of the bat
Beauty Is
The greens of Spring
Are everywhere
Swarming among the sunny hills
And valleys

Tonight a supermoon
Rises like clockwork
And fills the night
With reflected glory

An overwhelming beauty
Without vanity
Or consciousness
Or expectation

Merely a confluence
Of light and matter
Within the confines
Of the cosmos’ laws

It feels no grief
Or dread or joy
Nor does it offer
An insight of its own

Save what is in our minds
And that belongs
To us alone
Not some higher power
And Clean the Bowl
What I can't help
Thinkin' is how
The party of
Lincoln is now

Would Honest Abe
Vote to impeach
Or see it more
As overreach?

I'd like to think
He'd look at Trump
And vote to flush
That steamin' lump
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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon