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Category: Poems

Change Up
Change is
Gonna come
They say

It’s coming
Ev’ry day

So what role
Do we have
To play?

Let me
Tell you
If I may

Your job is to
Get out
The way
Today Only
You see this file?
It’s Top

I shouldn’t even
Let you
See it

But I’m still Prez
So it’s

'Cause it’s declass’d
As of

And if you ask
Why it’s
Not hid

Here is a hint:
What am
I bid?
Judgment Day
I have this dream
Of being chased
By demons clad
In black

I try to run
But my poor legs
Have suddenly
Gone slack

Now they circle
All around me
They’re going to

Their stifling robes
Cut off my air
I choke and cough
And hack

The Supreme Court’s
Out to get me!
(I’d thought they had
My back)
What About Elon?
Your Tesla, it is pretty cool
And your rockets are nice too
But I have still not figured out
What my opinion is of you

The hype says you are Ironman
A real-life Tony Stark
You'll take us all to Mars one day
On your hyper-spacial ark

The part I’m having trouble with
Is believing you’re a saint
Your inventions, they are peachy keen
But Albert Schweitzer, you just ain’t

You are a big egg, that’s for sure
But are you really human?
Is there a yolk inside that shell
Or is it all albumen?

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