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Category: Poems

They should be feared
(So some folks say)
‘Cause they are Them
Not us, okay?

They take our jobs
And benefits
And it is we
Who pay for it

They want to take
Our country too
But it’s for us
Not Them, boo-hoo

They breathe our air
They crowd our towns
Plus they’re not white
But blacks and browns!

Now, I am white
(Just so you knows)
But don’t count me
As one of Those

In fact, I think
They’s more like we
Than Those who hate
(They’re Them to me)
The Good, the Bad, the Half-Assed
Nothing succeeds
Like success
They say

And failure’s
Great at

But if
You want

You just
Can’t beat
I wake up to
A pretty song
A bird
I do not know

I am here!
The sun is warm!
The wind is cool!
Will you stay?
Will you stay?

Tomorrow I wake
To a song I know
But yours
Was sweet as well
Is Too Much Enough?
Layer cake palaces
Festooned with whipped cream
Twirled into fantasies
Escaped from a dream

Hapsburgs on horseback
Kaisers on seraphim
Lions with goddesses
Cherub on cherubim

All stuffed in puff pastry
Then gilded with glaze
Plopped down in the plazas
In delicious displays

Dollop on dolloping
Baroque on rococo
Piled up on each parapet
Rampart and portico

Grander on grandeur
Topped off with more fluff
It may be too filling
But it's never enough
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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon