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Category: Poems

Hard Truth
The harder
It is
To know
What is true

The more
That it matters
We are sure
That we do
Señor Moment
Oh I still got it, pal
And I handle it
With flair

Brandish it and wield it
With the same old devil-

Yes I still got it, pal
And it’s still all covered
With hair

But I put it down a sec ago
And I can’t remember
Genuine Fake
As life goes on
I can’t deny
The bullshit begins
To solidfy

What used to be
A silly pose
Is now as certain
As my nose

With each new
Posture that I chose
I tried it on
Like a suit of clothes

And now it fits me
Like a glove
The affectation
Has turned to love

And soon the bullshit
Will harden to stone
Live on without me
And stand on its own

It will serve
As my memorial
And no one will know
If it’s faux or real
One Man, One Vote
I dreamt last night
About the Drump
And about

He stood astride
The Senate floor
A colossus sprayed
In peach tint

You can’t fire me!
He thundered down
His lips all pursed
In fury

But nothing could
Prevent it now
These stiffs would be
His jury

Yet when they vote
It’s 50 – 50!
How will this tie
Be broke up?

I see Mike Pence
Step forward now…
And that is when
I woke up
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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon