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Category: Poems

One Man, One Vote
I dreamt last night
About the Drump
And about

He stood astride
The Senate floor
A colossus sprayed
In peach tint

You can’t fire me!
He thundered down
His lips all pursed
In fury

But nothing could
Prevent it now
These stiffs would be
His jury

Yet when they vote
It’s 50 – 50!
How will this tie
Be broke up?

I see Mike Pence
Step forward now…
And that is when
I woke up
One flu east
One flu west
One flu made my life a mess
At least we know
It will end soon
This fever dream
Of rabid sleaze

When we vote
The spell will break
But will we still have
The disease?
Nuh Uh
I don’t care much
What you say
Two wrongs
Make a right
Also nice guys
Finish first
And the sun
Comes out at night

You can lead
A horse to water
And also make him drink
Leopards, they can
Change their spots
Don’t tell me
What to think

Put the horse
Before the cart
A rolling stone
gathers moss
You see
It’s always lightest
Before the dawn
And you’re not the boss
Of me

If you say yes
Then I say no
That’s the way I roll
Count your eggs
Before they hatch
And keep picking
On that mole
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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon