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Category: Poems

Tripped Up
Is it strange
Or has my mind
Started to
To unravel?

The CDC says
We can fly
As long as we
Don’t travel?
Desirable Side Effect
She got her shot
Then he got hizzen
Then they got aches
And heads a’dizzen

Twas side effects, they said
But not as bad as being dead

So I got mine
And my brain is whizzin'

Am I in pain?
You might be quizzin'

No, it’s like
From death I’ve risen

My side effect
Is optimism!
Think About It
Think about thinking
Why does it malfunction?
We claim it’s important
So where’s our compunction?

It’s not about smarts
‘Cause some dumbers do it
It’s not about knowledge
Ignorami can too it!

Some brainiacs, oddly
Appear to poo-poo it
Ditto the scholars
Who seem to eschew it

So what is the secret?
What makes a thinker?
And how is he diff from
A grape kool-aid drinker?

It’s all about truth
And the gumption to face it
To eye your assumption
And dare to erase it

At least that’s my theory
But what do I know?
I still have some places
I won’t let reason go
Dream Season
Two out two men on
Fielders back against the wall
The crack of the bat
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Yes, voting matters. Polls do not.
~ H, Santa Cruz