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Our Fellow Citizens
As I sit here writing this, it looks like it will be Biden after all. We will still have to endure some ugliness, of course, but whatever the final answer is, the consequences of this electoral decision will be profound. And either way, we will have to face a disturbing truth: this election was an easy, straight-up test of our good judgment, and nearly half of us failed it miserably.

Again, this was not hard. Whatever you may think of Joe Biden, he is not the manifest threat to your personal well-being and to our democracy that Donald Trump is. I’m not going to repeat all the evidence for that proposition; it’s all right there in front of you if you care to look. For some reason, many of our fellow citizens have chosen not to look — for four years. They took as their one and only unimpeachable source someone who lies all the time.

You hear lots of theories for why that is, but I no longer really care about why. These people have failed this simplest-possible-test by overriding their own instincts for both self-preservation and preservation of the species. The rest of us will have to contend with that truth — no matter who our President is.
Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon