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The Book, the Book, the Book
I just uploaded another clipping from Head First, the Subconscious Comics-based graphic novel that is moving relentlessly toward completion. It’s on the Subcon page this week instead of one of the old strips. I don’t dare declare a date for publication yet, but I will say that I am, oh, 80% of the way there.

The end of the actual inking and coloring portion of the project is even closer, but I still have to conceptualize the cover, the dust jacket, and some big interior graphics. And then there’s the Kickstarter campaign, which is a whole different ball of strange wax. I will be giving you plenty of notice for the big send-off.

To the interest of somebody, I am sure, I have officially opened up a new category of Eaganblog: “Head First." That’s the title of the book. In case you’ve never noticed, the Categories section of the blog is there on the left of this page. This blog is in the new section, and there will be more to come as I near the finish line.

Meanwhile, the republication of vintage Subcons will continue. I have been posting them in reverse order on, and we are nearing the very first episode, which appeared in 1981. That’s number 1 of 1000 (give or take) comic strips. I have been seeing the de-evolution of my drawing style and characters as we go backward in time.

And speaking of characters, it has been an unexpected pleasure catching up with The Boss, Nemo, and Ava over the last year or two. They had been a big part of my internal world when I was cranking out a new Subconscious Comics strip every week for twenty years.
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