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Bookedy Shoop
If you take a look at the Subconscious Comics page on the site this week, you’ll see that I’ve posted another peek at the innards of Head First, my graphic novel. Just another day in the Subconscious.

That picture is a detail from page 73, which is where things take a turn for the bizarre in the story. The truly bizarre, that is. The subconscious (at least my version of it) is pretty strange already, but this tale goes some places the comic strip never did. I can’t wait for people to see it.

I’ve almost finished with the inking and coloring, and now I’m headed into the most mysterious part of the journey. Telling stories with words and pictures is something I know how to do; launching a crowd-funding page on Kickstarter is uncharted territory for me.

But I’m moving forward…one step at a time. My face will be there when we launch, immortalized on video, and so will my characters’. They’re the stars of this production, after all. Plus, I’ve known them for forty years now, and I’m pretty sure I can trust them. For the most part. Usually.

I don’t have a launch date yet, not even a ballpark estimate. But it is definitely closer than it ever has been. I promise that you will be the first to know. Stay tuned.
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