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Don’t Do The Research
Please, please don’t do the research. One reason: so many obviously ill-informed people are insisting that you do. What those people are really asking is that you read the “sources” which they are relying on for their beliefs. Better to just turn slowly and walk away.

Research into complicated, arcane subjects is not, after all, your strong suit. If it were, you would already have an informed opinion. Furthermore, that opinion would be open to change if your research turned up new and powerful evidence that called the original opinion into question. That’s what genuine experts do. But admit it — that’s not you.

So, in the case of Covid-19, unless you’ve been studying infectious diseases all your life and are recognized by other respected people in that field as an authority, then your research is not worth squat. The same goes for your studies of rampant electoral fraud. Unless you have a solid understanding of the laws and systems underpinning elections and are actually wading into the data up to your neck, then your opinion does not count for much.

And so on, with all manner of subjects about which you know very little. Rather than reading whatever sources the guy down at the end of the bar recommends, let me suggest that your time would be better spent figuring which experts to rely on.

Let’s take an example: Covid. To keep it simple, we’ll establish our basic goal as avoiding death no matter how it may come. For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume that you do not think that Covid is some kind of hoax.

Now, let’s establish your options for a reliable expert. Behind door #1 we have Anthony Fauci. He has studied epidemiology for most of his professional life. That discipline is the main focus of his work, which includes service under U.S. presidents of both parties and in positions of high responsibility in several prestigious organizations and institutes at the center of his field. He has taken the lead not only in confronting Covid, but in battling AIDS, MERS, Swine flu, and Ebola.

Behind door #2 is Dr. Jennings Ryan Staley. Dr. Staley harnessed his license to practice medicine by operating the Skinny Beach Med Spas around San Diego. He also marketed a “COVID-19 management program” that included hydroxychloroquine, Xanax, and Viagra for a mere $4000 per kit as a “miracle cure” for the virus. The absence of Ivermectin from that list might be explained by the fact that it rose to fame only after Dr. Staley had already entered his guilty plea to mail fraud, a felony.

But hey, he’s a doctor. So, which of these dedicated healers would you choose as a source of life-saving advice? I have purposely made the choice easy (I hope) to illustrate my point: even though looking into the backgrounds of your chosen experts is technically “research,” it’s the kind that you are qualified to perform. Look at their histories, look at their status within the field, look at their rap sheets. Then decide.

And if the facts change, go ahead and change your opinion about the expert. If Fauci gets busted for promoting the ingestion of Clorox as a cure (even though no idiot would ever really suggest such a thing), then drop him from your list of reliable sources and find someone else to listen to.

Hey, you can do this. It’s all the other, complicated stuff that you suck at.
Yes, voting matters. Polls do not.
~ H, Santa Cruz