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Righting Wrongs
I had a complaint last week from a Subconscious Comics fan. In keeping with our strict policies concerning fan confidentiality, I will refer to this person simply as “this person” so as to avoid the possibility that some of my more obsessive followers don’t go on a rampage of retribution against this person (mum’s the word, Jeff).

This person’s issue was my recent practice of lopping off sections from my graphic novel Head Start and pasting them into the Subconscious Comics page of the website in a place normally reserved for past episodes of the black and white comic strip. This person was of the opinion that the clips, which typically slashed through characters, word balloons, and meaningful background constructions, were disorienting and often “looked wrong.”

Well, we are nothing if not sensitive here at to any offense our cartoons might have caused. So this week (October 16 in the site’s Subcon archives) I have printed the entirety of page 25. That was the page which was so brutally disfigured on October 13. I hope this person’s equilibrium and need for coherence have been served.

Besides all that, though, page 25 does mark a pivotal point in the unfolding narrative of Head First. For that reason alone it deserves to be shown in full. It is here that the journey begins down toward the lower crypts of the Subconscious, and that is where we will eventually find out exactly how the cookie of the plot will crumble.

I can’t promise that I will keep revealing whole pages from the book. That might spoil the fun of reading it when it’s finally published. But I don’t want anything to “look wrong,” either. To “this person” or anyone else. From here on, I guess I’ll just have to be more careful with the chain saw.
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