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Oh Yes, the Book!
I’m trying to contain myself about my book, but I’m not having much luck. Head First, it’s called, in case I haven’t made that clear. The big news this week: the art part is done! 98 pages of full color cartoon storytelling — proofed, tweaked, finished, complete, done! Plus, the cover is designed, inked, colored, and done as well.

So where is the book? Well, while I’m waiting on bids from printers, I’m working on some of the “rewards” that supporters will get for backing Head First on Kickstarter. That’s the way it works, if you don’t know. People who want to back the production of the book pledge money for the project, and in return they receive rewards. The book itself will be the main reward — a large hardback with a single 98-page story in full, edge-to-edge color on high quality paper.

That’s my main motive for this whole venture — to finally hold that work of art in my hands. Something big and real and good that I put together all by myself. Okay, not completely by myself. I can’t do it without the help of people who also want a copy of the book. There will be other goodies available to backers as well, including sets of 20 color cards featuring characters from the book. [Check this week’s Subconscious Comics page for a couple of samples…that’s 12/30/2021 in the Subcon Archives.] Also up for grabs: my original black and white art from the book, all 98 pages’ worth. And so on.

Once I’ve got all this together (including a short video of me pitching the project…that should be fun), the whole thing will launch on Kickstarter sometime this spring. I hope you’ll give it a look when the time comes. It will be the biggest single cartoon project of my life (so far), and I can’t wait to get it out into the universe.

Getting very close now. I’ll let you know in plenty of time to join the fun.
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