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Courting Danger
I agree completely with Mitch McConnell. He is alarmed by the recent arrest of a disturbed young man near the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The man, who was armed with a pistol, a knife, a screwdriver, and a nail punch, admitted to police that he was there to kill Mr. Kavanaugh.

Mitch would like to address this threat with some legislative action to beef up police protection for Kavanaugh and the other justices. I agree that these officials — so vital to the preservation of the rule of law in this country — should be kept safe. But let’s not overreact. Instead, let’s ask ourselves if such a law would have done anything to prevent this attempted assassination from happening.

The answer is no. The would-be killer would still harbor violent fantasies about the justice. Furthermore, such a response to this danger would only penalize law-abiding citizens by subjecting them to possible arrest for carrying weapons to lawfully defend themselves. You know — from hyper-violent BLM protesters that might be in the area. We would all be less safe if that were to happen.

Wouldn’t it be better to expand on Sen. Ted Cruz’s idea of eliminating superfluous doors from school buildings by making sure there is only one door in and out of the Justice’s house? A fully locked door? Or, why not follow Steve Scalise’s idea of stopping the killing by bringing back school prayer? We should insist on more prayer in the Kavanaugh household! God will surely take care of the rest.

We could even address the roots of the problem — uncontrollable murderous rage. Why can’t the greatest nation on earth provide full mental health services for all of its citizens? It can, of course — as long as they can afford it.

Better yet, let’s arm the Supreme Court Justices themselves! To the teeth, I say! The only thing that stops a homicidal maniac with a gun is a drunken frat boy jurist with a gun. If Brett had been packing heat (I recommend an AR-15 fully converted to automatic) it would never have even occurred to this guy to take him out.

These are simple, commonsense solutions. That is exactly what we need to keep such a hypothetical tragedy from ever happening again…while preserving our precious freedom to blow each other to kingdom come
Yes, voting matters. Polls do not.
~ H, Santa Cruz