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The Book! (Epilogue)
In case you missed it, my graphic novel, Head First, is finally here. My chosen printers in the United Kingdom did a great job. The richness of the color, the spot varnish on the cover, and the tricky binding were all perfectly executed, and the effect on hand and eye exceeds my hopes.

For one thing, the credibility of a printed book is such an upgrade from the digital version of the same content. I colored the book on my computer, so all I had seen of my “book” was a bunch of images on a screen. The colors were right, but there is nothing like having the actual book in your hands. The weight of it, with real paper, real ink, along with the added drama of a story unfolding right under your fingertips — all make for a unique and very personal experience.

I am utterly gassed over it. The book arrived several weeks ago, and I have been busy getting copies out to the fine people who backed my Kickstarter campaign. All those copies are now in my backers’ hands, and I have been fielding their kind reviews with pleasure and gratitude. It’s been a great ride. Demanding, challenging, fulfilling.

I never really cared whether the book made money. The effort on Kickstarter more than covered my costs, and that is all I wanted it to do. At some point during the creation of this project, I had decided that it was not so much a publishing enterprise as the crafting of a work of art. I just wanted to imagine a book and have it turn out as close to that vision as possible. I am happy to say that that has happened with Head First.

The vision, however, is not quite complete. I still have 150 or so copies left. In keeping with my notion of the book as a work of art, I saw the 300-plus copies I had printed as individual elements of the creation. There will be no more copies of Head First. Not like this edition, anyway. The hard cover, the extra-heavy paper, the “MindThing Museum” in the back, the large format, that spot varnish detail on the cover (so cool!) — if there is a second edition, it will not be published by me, and none of those features are likely to be part of it.

I do, however, want the remaining copies to end up in somebody’s hands. Somebody who will turn the pages and experience the book in its fullness. That experience — like everything connected to this project — is a part of the artwork itself.

Too ostentatious? Maybe, but it feels right to me. So…I will sell those few remaining copies in local bookstores, and privately to anyone who wants one. And when they are gone, they are gone.

Please let me know if you want in. The cost is $40, which includes tax and postage. Drop me a line at this mailto link, and we’ll make arrangements. Thanks for being part of this!
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