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A Day at Peace
Full disclosure: I do not believe in Santa Claus. I also do not believe in Jesus Christ or any of the earthly candidates for godhood. Nor do I believe in God, though I am open to the possibility. I imagine that believing in any of those might help me with what I want to do today, but I can’t help that. I am trying to make today a day at peace.

Today, by the way, is December 23rd. I had been thinking about an Eagblog for Christmas and in particular a meditation on “peace on earth and goodwill toward men,” but I found myself focusing too much on the things that make that so difficult. It seemed the wrong way to think about the subject. So, after waking up this morning from a pleasant dream, I decided not to think about it at all. Instead, I want to just do it.

I’m not vowing to do it because the taking of vows sounds somehow unpeaceful. Too religious, I guess, too concerned with something outside myself. I’m not promising to report back on how it went, either. I don’t want any self-imposed commitments about this day to get in the way of the day itself. In fact, if I find myself being made unpeaceful by the goal of having a day at peace, then I will stop right there. I have no idea how to go about this, but I will say that I am already enjoying it. I see that as a hopeful start.

Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon