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Half and Half and Half
A while back, I wrote about an event that struck a deep chord inside me. My essay centered on a news story about a toxic spill. 900,000 gallons of treated sewage, it seems, was inadvertently released into San Francisco Bay.

What was striking about the story was its cosmic balance. The downside was exactly the same as the upside: the 900,000 gallons of spilled sewage was partially treated. At the time, I thought that such occurrences must be truly rare.

I was mistaken. In today’s paper came the story of Michael Orchard, LSD enthusiast and animal lover. While far away on one of his acid trips, Michael was alarmed to see that his neighbor’s residence in Halfmoon, New York was on fire. Summoning his courage, he crashed through a fence in his BMW, broke into the house, and rescued the occupant’s bewildered family dog.

Fido had good reason to be puzzled by this turn of events. There was no fire, and he had not been in any danger. Instead, the inferno inside the house existed only within the borders of Mr. Orchard’s altered state.

“Man Rescues Dog from Fire that Isn’t There.” Like the story of the toxic spill, this one is positive and negative at the same time. Sure, Michael Orchard trashed his neighbor’s property…but at least he saved the dog! Hallucinatory and a hero.

These two reports have inspired me. They have re-awakened my desire to find an all-encompassing explanation for the universe’s capacity for both desirable and undesirable outcomes. Call it a unified field theory of up, down, and sideways. If events can be all three at the same time, there may be a way for me to untangle this timeless mystery.

I’m not there yet. There are still mountains of numbers to be crunched and mind-bending conceptual breakthroughs to be broken through. But hope springs eternal. And that’s a good thing. I think.
Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon