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Smells Good
We’re coming up on summer now. See the garden bursting with life and color? Hear the birds signaling a season of fun and adventure? Smell the impeachment in the air?

It’s only a matter of when now, even though no one — not even Nancy Pelosi herself — knows exactly when when will be. Nancy has managed to hold the line so far, but my take is that she’s just waiting to make sure she’s got her ducks in a row before she pulls the trigger. We’ve still got a few more obstructions working their way through the courts and one or two other shoes that need to drop before we can present a full, orderly case for tarring and feathering Trump.

She also has to get the ducks in her caucus primed and ready. Some of them are still pointing to the impeachment of Bill Clinton as a cautionary tale about those who dare to challenge a president in this way. They remind us that Clinton’s job approval ratings hit the 70s after he was impeached and that the Republicans lost seats in Congress in the next election. Also, several leaders of the effort (including the poisonous Newt) were driven from public life in disgrace. The same fate, the doubters say, could well befall the Democrats.

That argument does get your attention, but while impeachment is extraordinary and more than a little scary, using it now would be a markedly different proposition than it was then. Just look for a moment at the precipitating event for each prosecution. In Trump’s case, it was massive tampering by the Evil Empire with our Presidential election. For Clinton, it was a blow job in the Oval Office.

Let that sink in for a moment. Which of those seminal wrongdoings posed a greater threat to our country? I think that most people, once they hear the facts laid out about Trump’s obstruction (plus whatever ugliness is turned up once we start sifting through his finances) will agree with you. Part of the reason Clinton’s impeachment boomeranged on the Republicans was that most people saw it for what it was: an abuse of Constitutional powers for raw partisan purposes. They did not use it as a shield to protect the country from criminality, but rather as a sword to destroy their political foes.

It is obvious that Nancy and her cohort intend to use impeachment as a shield. They are still worried, however, that others might accuse them of wielding it as a sword. I get that, but it’s possible to be too concerned about what other people think. If they do their job right, they will be able to hold their heads high — and keep their seats in Congress — whether he’s convicted in the Senate or not.

A big part of doing their job right, of course, is doing it before we get too deeply into the Presidential season. I was about to suggest that now would be a good time, but I notice that the Judiciary Committee in the House (where impeachment would officially begin) has scheduled hearings for next week about the Mueller Report. That will begin the other big part of doing their job right — explaining, patiently and through the testimony of witnesses — the findings of the investigation. That will bring the American people on board with what has has happened. You can enter that labyrinth anyplace you like, since the destination is the same no matter which they choose. But they do have to enter.

They may not be launching impeachment per se, then, but I say close enough. Soon, we will all be in the labyrinth searching for truth and justice. Now can you smell it?
Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon