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Wanna Go for a Ride?
It can be perilous to let yourself get too carried away with wishful thinking. You risk getting too high on some seductive hypothetical and end up crashing so hard when it’s over that you lose your perspective completely… and maybe even your grip on reality.

Unless, of course, the trip is a short one. Like the one I am on right now. The shelf life of my fantasy is so short that I will know whether it can come true within a day or two. So I can, in good conscience, invite everyone to join me on board my little joyride. I promise: no one will get hurt.

So here it is: this time next month, Donald Trump will no longer be President.

You have to admit that’s a pretty attractive notion. I know what your’e thinking, but hear me out. (And remember, you’re welcome to bail anytime and catch an Uber back to the real world.) If you stay with me, however, I advise you to hang on tight, because things are moving pretty fast in my little imaginary world. And that is also the beauty of this fantasy. We will know almost immediately whether this unicorn we’re riding can actually fly…maybe even by this weekend. If it can’t, we’ll all have to head back to the real world. And think about it: does that really sound so bad right now? Impeachment is coming, and Trump is on the run. That’s a much better world than the one we’ve been living in for the last two years.

I see that you’re intrigued, so let me continue. I think that Republicans are dying to get rid of this turkey just as much as we are. He makes their lives miserable. They’ve been humiliated at every turn. Plus, he’s a crook. If they had an excuse they could sell to The Base, they’d already be climbing up on this unicorn with us. That is why they voted unanimously yesterday in Mitch McConnell’s Senate to demand that the whistle-blower’s complaint be released. If there’s something in there that further implicates Trump, they’ll be on it like a shark on a rump roast. Oh, they’d cloak their response in solemnity and sorrow for the nation, but they’d be more than happy to flush away the Orange Mess. If that happens, come next month, we’ll have (shudder) President Pence in the East Wing of the White House.

So that’s it.That’s the whole premise of my fantastic best-case scenario. It could even happen in real life. Let’s talk again on Sunday. Next Thursday at the latest.
Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon