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Evil Morons
Good ol’ Mitt Romney. He is one of the few remaining honorable Republicans holding public office. Even so, he is usually pretty circumspect about how he expresses his opinions about his fellow GOPers. Furthermore, the instances in which he shows actual human emotion are rare.

That’s why his comments yesterday were so stunning. He was speaking in particular of a group of Republicans who decided it was okay to speak to a gathering of the AFPAC. Never mind what that stands for; everyone (including them, I’ll wager) thinks they are white supremacists.

You could tell that Mitt had chosen his words with some care, but let me condense them in the interest of brevity. The one-time leader of the Republican Party referred to the speakers as “evil morons.”

Again, not his exact words. He had some cute reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in there, and some other language meant to soften the impact of his message. Even so, the two words that stood out in headlines afterward were there for all to see. Evil morons. He also threw in an aside that the positions held by these people were “almost traitorous.” Traitorous Evil morons.

Whatever you might say about Mitt Romney, name-calling isn’t usually part of his political shtick. I’ve never used anything so harsh as “traitorous evil morons” to describe these people. The worst I’ve said, when referring to AFPAC and their ilk, is “crazy stupids.” Not nearly so nasty.

If one is willing to expand the scope of Romney’s statement even further (as this one is), then it could be applied to the entire Republican Party. Traitorous Evil morons. This group would not include Mitt himself, of course, or Liz Cheney, or Adam Kinzinger, or any of the Never Trumpers. But it would include much of that corrupted organization. Traitorous evil morons. all the way down to your local school board.

Traitorous evil morons. Mitt’s words, not mine. Not a precise quote, to be sure, but we can honestly say that he used those words to describe some of his fellow Republicans. But are they too strong? Is this no more than childish name-calling? Perhaps, but if we were able to travel through time and ask that question of as-yet-unborn American citizens who will be living through the aftermath of these times, then we might get a much different answer.
The Book, the Book, the Book!
NEWS ITEM: My graphic novel, Head First, continues to move toward its launch date on Kickstarter. While the progress might seem to be glacial to the casual observer, there is plenty of activity behind the scenes.

For one thing, the lead art for that page is now done. I posted it this week (on Feb. 23, 2022 if you happen to be searching for it in the archives of Subconscious Comics). The book itself (or at least the artwork) has been done for a while now. It waits to be shipped off to the printer where it will be turned into a hard cover, full-color, large format, single story book based on Subconscious Comics. Am I a little nervous? You bet.

Right now, it looks like the end of March for launch. I will let you know when it happens — more than once.

In case you didn’t know, I am sending out updates now as we approach launch (or “go live” as they say). If you want to receive these emails, please go to my special email address:

…and ask me to put you on the list. Among other things, you’ll get a sneak preview of the Kickstarter page before launch and plenty of notice when it does go live. It’ll only be up for 30 days, and this will likely be your only chance to get a copy. Honest!
Hope or Fear; I Just Can't Decide
I’ve been getting these little emotional rushes here recently. They’re quite pleasant, but they worry me. I think they might be flashes of hope that things are getting better.

I Know, I know…what in the hell is wrong with me? We’re in the middle of a pandemic, man! Ignorance and cruelty are having their way with the world. Putin is poised to unleash a blitzkrieg into Ukraine and we are on the brink of World War III!

Well, yes. I know all those things, but I can’t help what I feel. Surely cooler heads will prevail, and there will not be a Russian invasion. It would be a lose/lose/lose move, and they’d be nuts not to find a way to climb down from this trumped-up crisis.

And the COVID plague? It’s killed a lot of people, no doubt, but doesn’t it seem like it’s trying to go away now? Sort of? With a little help from us? Maybe omicron will be it, and now we can move on to that new normal we’ve been waiting for.

Okay, now I hear you saying, “Hope is for suckers. chump!” To which I can only say, “Wow. Really, dude?” Don’t we have to consider that our cynicism is just a defense mechanism to protect us from the frightening turn in human behavior? Have we lost all trace of our innocence?

I have come to believe that the surge in cruelty will fade, by the way. People are drawn to it now because they are afraid — the same reason we are drawn to cynicism. But all that is changing. For the better!

At least that is how I am starting to feel. It’s a good feeling, as I say, but it does concern me. I worry that my flanks might be unprotected if I get too swept up in a hope high. I'd be naked, you might say. Any one of those dangers we face could suddenly metastasize and devour me. Putin, the crazy stupids, or the next bad-ass variant coming along could bring me down, and I would be helpless to defend myself.

On the other hand, that would happen no matter how I felt. So what’s the diff? Better to go down smiling, I say.

Assuming my teeth don’t get knocked out.
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