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Now What?
Well, for one thing, I will be getting better nights’ sleep. We’ll still have to worry about What’s-his-name until January 20, but then he will be gone, and that is a very good thing for the world and for my own inner peace.

Republicans, of course, will have things a bit tougher. They must continue to take seriously their leader’s childish moods, a collection of traits that now features as its prime component the fact that he is all butthurt at having lost to Joe Biden. This case of butthurt, in fact, may be the most aggravated in all of human history. Being butthurt, in case this term is new to you, is to feel resentment or take offense when such a feeling is utterly unjustified.

Republicans must now pretend that the President is not butthurt at all, but rather a victim of multiple and complex schemes to cheat him. He says so, after all, and since they still live in such abject fear of him, they must affirm and mimic his foolishness. It is deeply demeaning for them, but on the other hand, these guys really had it coming.

If you are a Democrat, this is both entertaining and frustrating. For my part, I have decided to let go of the frustration. There was always going to be damage during the last days of What’s-his-name's regime. So be it; at least I’m getting some much-needed rest. After all, the end is near…and I am not a Republican.

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~ H, Santa Cruz