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Color Bind
The conservative political community was in the highest of high dudgeons last week. Some staffer at MSNBC had tweeted about the latest “adorable” TV ad for Cheerios. The ad features a bi-racial couple and their child, and our tweeter imagined that “maybe the right wing will hate it.”

The outrage on the right was absolutely molten. How dare MSNBC suggest that conservatives are bigots!? Us, racists? Ridiculous! Here, look at this guy… he’s an actual black conservative! And do you see this bi-racial family? They believe, as we do, that we should trust in people, not in the government. This only proves how hateful all liberals really are!

And you know what? That hot outrage had a very good point: not all conservatives are bigots, and it is wrong to suggest that they are. In fact, MSNBC itself agrees. They cut loose the offending tweeter and apologized with the usual liberal effusiveness to everyone who might have been offended by the tweet.

How could that (now unemployed) tweeter have made such a misguided and hurtful gaffe? What could he or she have been thinking to have concluded that the right might be racist?

Well, I suppose that the tweeter might have been confused by the various efforts around the country to prevent voter fraud. All of these anti-fraud efforts — every single one — were conceived, passed, and signed into law by Republicans. The effect of these new laws has been two-fold: they put a stop to the frightening (though non-existent) epidemic of voter fraud, and they prevent many thousands of qualified voters from exercising their right to vote. Those who are turned away by these restrictions tend overwhelmingly to be black.

Even so, this could be nothing more than a big misunderstanding. After all, Republicans do trust people, not the government. They would certainly prefer that individuals be allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights rather than have those rights denied by government overreach, wouldn’t they? Of course…but how can we be sure?

Well, I decided to take an imaginary poll of every Ku Klux Klan member in the country and ask them which of the two major parties they felt most comfortable with. Did you know that every single one of these certified, died-in-the-wool, card-carrying bigots answered “Republican”? I can see how someone might get the wrong impression about the kind of people who inhabit the right wing.

But that does not excuse our tweeter. One should not make generalizations about people, especially on such an incendiary subject. No, not all right-wingers are racists. Such claims are deplorable and just plain wrong. What you should have said is that all racists are right-wingers.

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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon