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Goodbye and Good Luck
At this point, I think it’s obvious to everyone that the human race has become obsolete.

I want to be clear. I like humans. I wish for nothing but the best for the human race. Full disclosure: I am a human being myself. But that does not blind me to the truth that we have outlived our usefulness.

Come to think of it, I’m not exactly sure what our usefulness was in the first place. Did we do something special for the planet? Is there something in particular that we’ve done to contribute to the balance of nature? You know…to help keep our world in a state of harmony? It seems as though we spend most of our time poisoning our nest. What greater good does that serve?

On the other hand, maybe this so-called balance is a myth, and nature is really a dynamic system subject to the wild uncertainties of evolution. If this is the case, then what is there on our resumé that recommends us as a continuing employee of Planet Earth? Our scientific advances are impressive, to be sure, and the technologies that have flown from them are pretty nifty. In some ways, though, our smartness seems to be devouring itself. Our love of labor-saving devices has gone so far that we may soon be left with nothing to do. We’ve been so smart that we don’t have to be smart anymore. We can just kick back and have fun for all eternity.

Which sounds great, but how would the forces of evolution respond to such a situation? Wouldn’t a world whose sole purpose is to support our leisure time activities be ripe for evolutionary change? What would keep a bunch of very clever rats or highly organized cockroaches from stepping up to snatch our little dream world away from us?

If that did happen, our usefulness might turn out to be what we leave behind for our replacements. I’m sure they’d find the buildings helpful, if only as a place to flop until they could make their own. The Panama Canal should be a plus, too, once they figure out how to work the locks and all. The other stuff, like satellites and computers and really complicated technologies, would probably just rot in place before the new species can figure them out.

Unless, that is, our replacement “species” turned out to be the labor-saving devices themselves. Is it so hard to imagine our machines simply taking over once we all went off on our permanent vacations? With just a tiny bit more artificial intelligence, I’ll bet they’d know exactly how to use all the stuff we left behind.

So maybe, once we get over the initial sadness about our impending extinction, we might let ourselves feel a little pride. Whether it’s rats or roaches or robots that replace us, it’s good to know that everything we have worked for and accomplished will not go to waste. Perhaps our greatest contribution to the greater good will simply be going away.

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