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Poor Tax
Tax breaks for the rich. The concept seems just plain wrong on its face. And yet, they keep passing both houses of Congress and getting signed into law by (Republican) presidents. It’s just so stupid.

In fact this whole tax thing in general, where money is amassed in huge quantities, then taken away, then given back — it’s an enormous drain on our economy. Wouldn’t it be better just to let the rich keep all their money?

I mean, really. If it weren’t for rich people — and those other great people our, country’s great corporations — where would we all be? Jobless, hopeless, utterly screwed.

And so, here is my modest proposal: Forget tax breaks! Forget taxes! Instead, eliminate the middleman and simply have the poor make direct payments to the rich. Like a tribute, sort of, or a special “thank you” for all those jobs? It would be voluntary, of course, because we live in a free society. Or, if not voluntary, then at least withheld from wages so we’d hardly miss it.

Everyone would benefit…eventually. Or their next of kin, if it came to that.

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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon