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Joe Biden
Before I get started on Joe, let me get my first prediction for the 2020 Presidential election out of the way. In case you were wondering, there will be no President Biden. Even though he would, if elected, be 78 when he took office, I do not rule him out because he is old. Rather, I do so because he is old news.

That was one of the things that hurt Hillary, too. Besides her other drawbacks as a candidate, she had simply been in the public square too long. People were tired of her, and I think Uncle Joe is in the same situation. He’s more simpatico than she is, and more bluntly honest with his feelings, but those assets won’t be enough to overcome the fact that his political career is now well past its expiration date.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Joe isn’t a nice guy. Like all of us, however, he is at least in part a product of his time. He has made mistakes, especially when viewed in retrospect. We could choose to forgive him for those errors and move forward from there. But why bother if his shelf life has run out?

That said, I do think that Joe still has an important function to perform during the debates and even into next year’s primary season. His role, as I see it, is as an avatar for the past, particularly the good things that existed when the world was young (way back in 2016). Let him talk about working with the Republicans, just as Obama did. Let him point to the flawed-but-aspirational world leadership we offered before the current collapse of honor and decency. Let him harken to a better time, because we might want to return to that old order once this dark time has passed.

And let Joe continue to attack Drump, not by giving back those childish personal insults, but with an honest assessment of the poisonous effect the Orange One has had on our fragile democracy. Each of the new kids, meanwhile, would be left free to talk about policy and make the case for their own brand of leadership in this brave new world. And as they do all that, they will become better known and begin to rise in the polls against the President.

There will come a time, I believe, when Joe is no longer useful as an active candidate. Attrition will claim him, probably well before the convention. Even if he is still around, hovering like a ghost over the campaign, he can still be our avatar for the past. To me, that is a fitting and even noble role for the former Vice President.

Fortunately for the nation (and planet Earth), Drump has developed the same problem that Joe has. By inserting himself into every news story, no matter how petty or lame, he has committed a sin worse than being despicable. He has become tiresome. He too is now old news — which brings me to another prediction: there will be no second term for President Trump. Maybe a prison term, but that is not our concern here.

So if not Biden or Drump, who will be moving into the White House in January of 2021? Who will appoint the Attorney General who arrests Drump as he tries to escape through the side door of the oval office? Who will be in charge of cleaning up the mess in D.C. and everywhere else the infection has spread? Who’s got the brains and the fight and the moral strength to pull it off?

It could be any of these contenders, I suppose. To me, however, the last prediction is the easiest. President Warren, guaranteed.

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Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon